Royal Prince Baby Shower Invitations


Royal Prince Baby Shower Invitations If you are the do-it-yourself type it is very easy to buy an embossing powder inside stamping or craft shop. These come in all kinds of exciting colors but often precious metal or silver embossing natural powder can look very stylish! With embossing powder you will require a stamp and some printer ink. You start by stamping typically the invitation with the baby presence stamp first.

Royal Prince Baby Shower Invitations Then prior to the ink dries you bad some of the embossing powder within the stamped area. The embossing powder will stick tanto he wet ink. After that you can hold the piece of paper over a lamp or use an embossing weapon to heat the powder snow. Once it gets very hot it will melt and stick to the paper. This makes an enjoyable and easy way to have a very sophisticated gold embossed baby impact shower invitation.

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