How To Make Cute Baby Shower Invitations


How To Make Cute Baby Shower Invitations. Cut the card paper in a horizontal or a vertical shape. You can also use any other shape as according to your wish, but for me, rectangle is the perfect one. You can use any color, for example if it is a baby boy, use blue and if she is a baby girl, you can go for pink colored card paper. Print the invitation wording on inner side of the card. If you do not have a computer, you can write it using a dark colored ink pen. Also write "Baby Shower" in a bold and beautiful font on the front side.

How To Make Cute Baby Shower Invitations. Cut a small piece of ribbon and make a bow like shape. Diagonally fix this bow on corner of front side of your tiny footprints card with the help of double sided tape. You can use a matching or one-tone light or dark color for ribbon. Silver or golden satin tissue ribbons are in trend these days and go well with almost every color. Ribbons are available in every party store. You can find all other stuff in your local stationery shop.

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