Irish Baby Shower Invitations


Irish Baby Shower Invitations. Baby showers are powerful and emotional events that will leave you with unforgettable memories to look back on for the rest of your life, so you want to make them as special as possible. One great way to do so is with a baby shower footprint invitation! Your guests will swoon over how cute it is, and it will be a keepsake you can even share with the child when he or she gets older! The baby footprint is a universal sign of a newborn baby that's sure to catch people's attention.

Irish Baby Shower Invitations./ Most likely if you're having a baby shower, the baby will yet to have been born, so you will have to settle for a drawing, or the footprint of someone else's baby. If this isn't your first child, a very special thing to do is to use one of your other children's footprints - or you can even use your own from when you were a baby! If those are unavailable, you may wish to use the footprints of a sibling or parent. Imagine the honor when you tell them the footprints on the invitations are theirs!

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