Homemade Baby Shower Invitation Ideas


HomemaNot all of the guys have an interest in opening baby gifts, thus plan something with a broader appeal. While Mommy is definitely opening gifts, plan some sort of poker tournament for example. Anybody - boy or girl - that is interested can enjoy a game regarding cards and when it's more than you can donate the profits to the new Mom and Dad account. Or invite Moms and Dads to provide their best parenting advice. Plenty of Dads have great guidance, just ask.

Another enjoyable idea is a baby swimming pool in the style of a soccer pool. Sell squares depending on birth date and baby bodyweight. The winner could get a large windfall, or donate the cash to the new kid around. Or skip the video games all-together and just invite every person to mingle and chat. This might be the last moment you see the expectant moms and dads for a bit as they negotiate in with a new baby.
de Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

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