E Invite Baby Shower


E Invite Baby Shower The list should be made up of every item that you think a mom will have in her bag such as picture of a baby, q-tips, safety pins, toy, some thing blue or pink, toenail clipper, wipes, kleenex, brush, brush, snack, gum, hands sanitizer, pencil, crayon, coupon codes, cell phone, shopping list, tide stay, receipt, spoon, bottle drinking water, condom, camera, keys, and so on Be sure to add some difficult items to the list such as slippers.

One more version of this game is usually whats in mommy's wallet game. This is maybe the most famous version of the purse activity at shower parties. It really is played by taking the pregnant women purse and removing every item for guests to find out, if guests have which item then they should take it. The player that has the most goods matching those in mommy's purse is the lucky champion. A small manicure set or even hand lotion is a fine prize idea that she may just stick into the girl purse to use later on.

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