Cute Owl Baby Shower Invitations


Cute Owl Baby Shower Invitations. First of all, it's no longer necessary to quarantine baby showers to adult women only. Fathers are more involved in the birth and child care of their babies, so why not have the guys there for the fun? Child care isn't just a woman's job anymore. In the old days, men weren't even allowed in the delivery room. Everything baby-related was "women's business", no wonder why they were excluded from the shower.

Cute Owl Baby Shower Invitations. Today, more baby showers are including the friends and family of the expecting parents, including the guys and kids. Kid-friendly showers are also becoming more popular. Put out a few crafts or coloring books for the kiddies to help entertain them. For the guys, encourage them to bring something for "daddy". Daddy "tool belts" or "kits" are popular. Also, Daddy Diaper Showers are a hit.

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